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  • Shipping. Why is it saying the rates are so high? Number of boxes, flat rate costs, etc. at checkout.
    Due to the large size variations and item weights of our products, often times USPS is not the best shipping option. Either because of weight, dimensions, location etc. As all of us Alaskans have experienced at some point, we just aren't looked at the same as other areas of the country when it comes to shipping. The site does the best to price USPS rates based on the info provided by the ecommerce site at checkout. Being located on an island in an area of Alaska considered remote, only adds to those logistics. If you feel something is very off on the cost of shipping, DO NOT complete your order. Instead, screen shot your cart and shipping information. Then email it to us at and we will work to determine what the issue is and if there is a more reasonably priced alternative. We will then contact you to determine what your options are.
  • I've read and heard mixed things about the safety of epoxy resin. Are your products safe for my family and pets?
    You're right there is A LOT of misinformation out there regarding this. However, if used as intended, ALL of our products that have resin are safe. We use food grade low to no VOC resins in all of our products. This means once fully cured they are safe to serve food from or off of. If your baby is gumming on your keychain the small parts and germs are your biggest concern. However NEVER cut on a resin tray, board, table etc. if a piece; even tiny were ingested it is toxic. We provide a safety and care sheet with purchases, so you know how to use your items and how to care for them.
  • I like to look and touch items before I purchase. Are your products anywhere other than online?
    We will be doing some small markets and bazaars in Alaska. We can keep you in the loop of what our travels maybe by doing at least one of the following. Signing up for updates on our site, top right of the page near the shopping cart. Following us on Facebook or Downloading the mobile app. Bottom left of the pages with our contact info. If you have information on markets in your area, please pass along the information to us in email and we will look into it.
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