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Hi! Thanks for taking time to get to know us a little more. We are a small shop, just my husband and myself. He has years of experience in wood working. Unfortunately, he has been unable to pursue his passion for the last several years. NOW he can and is happy to get back in the shop! I also look forward to learning a few things alongside him. I will be creating resin pieces alongside his woodworking.

We currently do not have a store front and will be relying on small Alaskan markets and online sales. We are sourcing many of the woods we use locally in Southeast and Southcentral Alaska. The Resins we use are food grade and once fully cured are 100% safe. However, keep in mind they are NEVER safe to cut on. All of our products come with information on best care and practices.

We look forward to creating pieces and with your support growing our business and product line.

Snowy Woodland Trees
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